Thursday, 27 October 2011


Dateline 2400.  Peta Cube Inc., this year's most successful IPO, has just announced that it has acquired the entire email and calendar records of struggling Data Font Partners, a private equity firm which has in recent years accumulated the full archive of a popular early twenty first century company Google Inc. said to contain personal email records and calendar entries for over three billion human beings who lived around that time.  Data Font also contains the rival  email archive for that period, hotmail, hosted by a maker of contemporaneous operating systems.  In a earlier deal, Peta Cube had previously acquired and structured the mobile telephone geo-location information of a vast number of global mobile phone companies.

A spokesperson for Peta Cube said work was progressing well on a net space project which interfaces with a number of supra-national government public records offices to allow individuals to surf through their ancestry to identify distant relatives of interest.  A notable feature of the project is the use of proprietary network relevance algorithms and story-driven computational language processing modules to construct an automatically written biography for each person, tapping into the public domain Facebook archives.  Experts believe this could revolutionise the genealogy industry.  In addition, it is expected to prove a valuable resource to more traditional biographers and historians of ideas.