Sunday, 19 June 2011

Google AdSense a poor Judge

Google recently sent me $50 worth of vouchers on AdSense; thanks.  I signed the Persistent Struggle up to a campaign, only to receive an email from AdSense reviewers stating that I couldn't use it since they considered the blog contentless except for adverts.  I queried this decision on several occasions; they reviewed it and uphold their opinion.  Now they've disabled the very possibility any monetisation at all, even independent of AdSense, on the basis that it has adult content.

Virtually every single link I have in there is either to Wikipedia or academic books for sale in Amazon, about which I think my blogs clearly add content.  My guess is some prude at Google doesn't like the accompanying images to my blog posts and has decided to treat my blog in the same category as adult porn.

Shame on you Google.

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