Sunday, 13 April 2014

I've been away and I'm slowly coming back

I have found using Twitter great for momentary ideas which strike me as I read books, which I've continued to do.  This has been productive generally and I like that I get to record these thoughts of mine out there.  No followers, of course.  But still, it is there if I need it myself.  The downside is that I'm less likely to develop an idea into a posting here, hence the paucity of postings of recent times.  I have always known this has downsides, since it prevents me from 'developing' a thought, and I have always loved developing a thought in words.

Second, I have found to be quite addictive.

Third, I'm now doing a new role in work, which requires a lot of attention, and which should in time feed in to more interesting postings.

Fourth, even though I have the blogger android app, it is such a pity that the functionality is not there, as I'd love to be in a position to construct the lion's share of a posting in spare down moments, or when travelling.  I have been looking to get a foldaway Bluetooth keyboard for this purpose, one which can be either folded or rolled.   I have also been opening up a bit on facebook, which previously I've been keeping as mostly family related postings.   Finally, I have a couple of new blogs on the go too, aimed at very specific subject matter, rather than this one, which is general in scope.

But I'm hopefully back, or soon will be, posting more regularly.

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